*We have tiered pricing based on the level of specialist. All specialist's have completed Urban Lash training and perform the same high quality work. Each specialist advances based on: speed, knowledge, experience and client satisfaction. (only select services have tiered pricing).


  • Apprentice - Has completed Urban Lash Training Program and in the process of becoming a junior specialist while gaining experience.

  • Junior - Has completed at least 6 months of training through Urban Lash apprentice program and has demonstrated correct technique.

  • Senior - Has been a specialist for 2 year or more years and has demonstrated advanced knowledge and skill.

  • Master - Has been a specialist for a minimum of 4 years and has demonstrated the most advanced knowledge and skill.

  • Elite Master - Has been a specialist for 6 or more years and demonstrates superior work, expertise and client satisfaction.

GINA FOSTER, Owner/Educator/Elite Master Specialist

Urban Lash is locally owned and operated by licensed esthetician Gina Foster. Gina has been in the medical surgery field for more than 5 years, where she assisted doctors in oral and facial surgeries at the largest oral and maxillofacial surgical group in the state of Louisiana. She has also assisted cosmetic procedures such as botox, fillers, and chemical peels. It was while working there that she discovered her love for skincare. Gina pursued her interest and enrolled in classes at The Aveda Institute of Esthetics in Covington Louisiana, where she received her esthetician license and learned the revolutionary technique of eyelash extension application.


Eyelash extensions quickly became her favorite cosmetic procedures. “They have to be one of the best inventions in the esthetics field,” says Gina. They are absolutely addicting! My biggest pleasure comes from seeing the happiness and confidence my clients glean from their lashes, and of course the before and after photos!” Gina closes by saying, “I have an insane amount of passion for what I do and could not have chosen another career path that would have made me as happy and fulfilled as this."


Gina continues to advance her education whenever possible and spends a countless number of hours researching eyelash extensions and all the latest techniques. She also networks and has gained new friendships with numerous lash specialists across the world. Gina chose to share her passion and in November 2017, she opened LA Lash Academy, Louisiana's first lash training school. You can visit her website and enroll for classes at www.la-lashacademy.com.



HIEP PHAM, Master Eyelash Specialist

Hiep became a licensed cosmetologist in June of 2014 after graduating the Aveda institute of cosmetology in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hiep chose to specialize in eyelash extension application. He is Known for being very meticulous, and was able to become a certified Xtreme Lash stylist within 3 months of taking the class. He is a born perfectionist and will always spend extra time on his clients to ensure they leave with perfect lashes. Hiep is an analyst and strives to finding a solution to every client’s lash problems. As a bonus, he has profound knowledge in organic chemistry, and knows exactly how the adhesive and other components interact with the lashes, making him a true lash master!

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