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A brow treatment that smoothes, shapes and defines brow hairs, making them look longer and smoother.  Includes:  lamination, wax, trim, tweeze.

*Recommended maintenance:  4-8 weeks

Brow Lamination   |   100 - 120   40 minutes

                                        + Tint   |   115 - 135   40 minutes

                                                   + Stain   |   135 - 155   50minutes


Re-GEN by: Elleebana is a plant based alternative to Keratin Treatments. Re-GEN's Plant Based Lash Protection System is used for building strength in eyelashes during the lash lift treatment process. It contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and flower/bark/root and fruit extracts essential for optimal lash health.  Can be added to a lash lift or tint service, or done as a stand-alone treatment, or in between services. If your are a frequent lash lifter, we highly recommend adding this into your treatment plan.


*Recommended maintenance:  3-4 weeks. Can be added to a lash lift, tint or lamination service.

Key Benefits:

🌱 Conditions and promotes healthy hair growth ⠀

🌱 Boosts moisture content and protects hair ⠀

🌱 Combats premature hair loss and promotes hair growth with protection

        against damage ⠀

🌱 Nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft⠀

🌱 Eliminates dryness and relieves hair stress

🌱Vegan Friendly⠀

Elleeplex Re-Gen Treatment   |   20   10 minutes

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