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  • waterproof mascara and strip/cluster lashes 48 hours prior

  • botox and filler 1 week prior

  • chemical peels, lasers and any skincare treatments that may make your face sensitive for 1-2 weeks prior

  • products that may heighten sensitivities (retinols, exfoliants, etc.) 2-3 days prior



Cleanse:  Come to every lash appointment with clean eyes free of mascara, makeup, eye creams & heavy lotion. Use only oil-free eye makeup remover and a gentle foaming cleanser to THOROUGHLY cleanse your lashes prior to your appointment. If you plan on arriving to your appointment with eye-makeup and/or mascara, please schedule a lash shampoo so that we have enough time to cleanse your lashes properly. Not doing so will result in lost application time, as we cannot start our lash application until your lashes are squeaky clean. 

Wash Your Hair:  You should not get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your lash appointment. It is very difficult to wash your hair without getting your lashes wet so we advise doing so before your appointment.


Avoid Caffeine/Stimulants:  The day of your appointment, avoid caffeinated beverages or medications that will cause you to feel jittery. Caffeine and stimulants may put you in an agitated state, preventing you from becoming still and relaxed during your appointment.


Remove Contacts:  If you wear contact lenses, please remove them and wear glasses to your appointment.


Minimize Allergic Reactions:  Individuals exposed to a known allergen prior to their appointment, i.e., seasonal allergy or pet allergy being the most common, may be more likely to experience an allergic reaction to the eyelash extension adhesive. It is recommended that you reschedule to a later date.

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