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1. Eyes and eyelashes will be thoroughly cleansed and primed to remove any excess oil & debris. Your eyes will remain closed throughout the 

     rest of your treatement.


2. An appropriately sized silicone pad will be selected depending on the look you wish to achieve and the length of your natural lashes

    (smaller pad for more lift, larger pad for a less lift and more curl).


3. A thin strip of adhesive will be applied to the underside of the silicone pad, which your specialist will then bend and shape to fit the curve

    of your eyelid. The pad will then be gently placed right above the lash line. Another thin strip of adhesive will be placed on the upper side of 

    the upper side of the silicone pad and your lashes will then be pushed upwards and secured to the pad. Your specialist will take the time

    ensure that the lashes are fanned out evenly over the silicone pad without tangles or cross-overs. 


4. A perming solution will then be evenly applied over the lashes. This will be left on for  4-6 minutes.


5. Once activated, the perming solution will be removed and a setting solution will be applied in the same manner that the perming solution 

    was applied. This will be left on for 3-5 minutes. 


6. After the allotted time, the setting solution and pads will be removed and lashes will be thoroughly cleansed and rinsed. 


7. A keratin nourishing lotion will then be applied to the lashes to condition and help to promote lash health and integrity . 

8. You are now ready to admire your beautiful new lashes in the mirror!

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