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Gina Foster, owner of Urban Lash – a premier eyelash extension studio in Baton Rouge, LA – started noticing the damaged natural lashes and poorly-applied lash extensions on her new clients, some of whom were in pain. At first, she thought it was the fault of the lash technicians. But after some research, she found that the training they received were lacking in many ways. 

Most of the training classes available were from academies in other states who would come in for a day or two, teach a class, and return only for the next course, which was often months away. These instructors were not on ground to assist their students who had difficulty with their technique and still needed hands-on work and supervision. 


Gina saw the need for a better local training course so that struggling students could easily return to for help or extra lessons without having to pay for an entire course again. There had to be an instructor to coach each student every step of the way on the journey to perfection. Gina chose to be that lash coach and established LA Lash Academy

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